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How do I scroll the music sheet?

Scrolling is done with 3 fingers.

The bottom of the sheet is cutoff

Unless you've made a purchase, there is supposed to be an iAd banner there.
The banner does not always load content.

Why does the music sheet not fit on an entire screen vertically?

The symbols are this size due to precision issues.
Zooming might be implemented some time, however this feature is currently of low priority.

The built in player does not interpret the notes/rests quite correctly.

There are still several inaccuracies in interpreting notes,
one of which is vertical note groupings probably should not span accross tracks.
I am considering changing this in the future.


What features can be expected in the future?

Note ties, and probably tempo changes.

There is no description text for the inApp purchase

There is currently a bug with the App Store. Please try again later.

How can I copy my files to a different device?

You can access your files when hooking up your iPad to your comp via iTunes.
If you scroll down in the "Apps"-tab to the section "File Sharing".

Here you can download/upload documents to your device and make backups.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at