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How do I insert notes,...?

Notes are added by right- or cmd-clicking. Comprehensive instructions on editing sequences is contained in the built-in help browser. (see Help menu)

Why does the instrument sound mistuned?

The demo version of Claviatura is limited to pythagorean tuning. In this tuning, intervals such as G♯ - E♭ are disharmonic. Such intervals can be avoided by inserting key signatures such that either E♭ is changed to D♯ or G♯ to A♭.

This will usually work intuitively for many modern/homophonic compositions with the key signatures they are intended for, but in polyphonic music may necessitate the abusive insertion of key signatures.

Variable insertion of sharp/flat notes independendant of key signatures is planned in future versions.

A sample composition demonstrating key changes: Spiral

When there are many notes playing at the same time some of them are cut-off

Try increasing the number of audio busses under Preferences>Audio

The audio sounds choppy

Try closing other audio applications or decrease the number of audio busses under Preferences>Audio

Where can I find instruments to use with Claviatura?

If you own Garage Band™ or Logic™ you will have EXS24 instruments installed. They are usually found in your computers /Library folder ( /Library/Application Support/Garage band/Instrument Library/Sampler/ or /Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments/ )

Hauptwerk™ instrument support is somewhat limited. Claviatura is not suited for handling large organs with a large number of sample files.

some third party links for free instruments are: (Hauptwerk 1 format)

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at